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SITAD's Visiting Fellowship
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About SITADHub
Social Impact Technologies and Democracy Research Hub (SITADHub) is a dynamic networked research centre with 170 associates across 16 countries actively researching and writing about the future of democracy, human computer interaction and global mobility. The focus region is Ukraine and broader Eastern Europe.
As a multi-layered independent initiative headquartered at University of Technology Sydney (Australia), SITADHub conducts unique research and offers a wide research network with university partnerships throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific (likes of WZB Berlin Social Science Research Centre, University of Oxford, University of Sydney, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University).
SITAD's 3 key research areas include:
technology & democracy;
diaspora politics & democracy;
migration & democracy.
With the rapid acceleration of Eastern European migration to Australia since 2000s (particularly from three East European countries - Ukraine, Hungary and Czech Republic) and the overall shift in the global political economy, there is now the emergence of new Eastern Europeans on the move.
The New Eastern European Migration to Australia (2000 -2021)
The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data have fundamentally changed how politicians engage the electorate and will continue to challenge centuries of political and intrapersonal norms surrounding voter enfranchisement.
The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Social Media in Election Campaigns
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How to become an Associate?
SITAD is constantly looking for associates and partners. If you are a researcher, academic, journalist, policy maker, civic activist, artist, or a film-maker willing to join our vibrant network, and help research and empower democracy, we welcome your contribution to our unique global initiative. We aim to expand our network of partners in Europe, Canada, US and Asia-Pacific. If your university, research institute, non-governmental organization or not-for-profit initiative wants to join Ukraine Democracy Initiative, or needs support, contact us.

We are also looking for people to join our team of editors and translators, willing to volunteer their time and skills to strengthen the voice of our contributors and associates. We believe in empowering opinions and ideas. We strive for quality writing in order to amplify the opinions and works of contributors within, as well as beyond Ukraine and the wider Europe and post-Soviet region.

To join SITAD in any capacity please write to

How to apply for SITAD's Visiting Fellowship?
Please visit SITAD's page about fellowship, it has all details about the eligibility, application process and selection criteria.

SITAD's Visiting Fellowship Program
Where are you based?
We are a global initiative operating in a networked style. We have an office in Australia, at University of Technology Sydney. Please come visit!
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