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Dr Tymofii Brik is an Assistant Professor at the Kyiv School of Economics, co-founder of the public restaurant UrbanSpace500 and chairman of the supervisory board of CEDOS. In 2018, he received the N. Panina “The best young sociologist of Ukraine” award. He received his Ph.D. in social science at the University of Carlos III (Madrid) and obtained a Master’s degree in Sociology and Social Research from Utrecht University. In 2018 and 2019-2020 he was a visiting researcher at Stanford University and New York University respectively. He holds Ph.D. in Social Science Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

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Working papers:
The Shadow of History: The Formation of Dutch Religious Markets and its Effects on Current Levels of Religiosity (submitted) (with Javier Polavieja and Marco van Leeuwen)
Effects of Modernization on Status Attainment among Orthodox Protestants, Liberal Protestants, and Roman Catholics in the Netherlands, 1859-1918 (with Ineke Maas and Marco van Leeuwen)

Published in media outlets:
  • Brik, T., Erclich, A., Gans-Morse, J. (2020). Trump’s impeachment is not over for Ukrainian citizens. Washington Post blog Monkey Cage online.
  • Brik, T. (2019). How sociologists help journalists. Detector media.
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