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Veronica S. Smetuh is a civil servant and PhD candidate with the Department of General Law Disciples and International Law of Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov. She is presently working on the dissertation project titled as “The Theoretical and Legal Concept of the Modern Nation State”. Veronica holds an MA in Law from Odessa National University and MA in International Public Law and Diplomatic Service from Lviv National University named after I. Franko. Veronica is the author of over 20 scientific publications presented at various conferences in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, Slovenia, Moldova), among which include the following:
  • ‘Relevant issues of continental shelf delineation and exclusive economic zones of Romania and Ukraine’: Almanac of students and PhD candidates’ scientific articles, Odessa National University, 2009;
  • ‘Political nation and civic nationalism in the context of modern nation-building in Ukraine’: All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference Almanac, Kherson, 2014;
  • ‘Peculiarities of the nation state’s establishment and functioning, its role in the state-building process: Jurnalul Juridic National: Teorie si Practica’:R.L. Republica Moldova, 2014
  • ‘The genesis of the nation state idea as a form of humanity’s universal organization’: The Herald of the Zaporizhia State University: Almanac of scientific materials, 2015;
  • ‘Implementation of the modern nation state idea in Ukraine’: Rule of Law Herald, Odessa National University, 2016.