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Dr. Tetiana Gorokhova is Assistant Professor of Department of «Marketing and Business administration» of Public Higher Education Institution “Priazovskiy state technical university” (Mariupol, Ukraine). Also, she is a bachelor of Law. Tetiana Gorokhova recieved her Bachelor Degree in Law in Yaroslav Mudryo National Law University.

She is author of 30 scientific articles in the field of economics and business management, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development of enterprises, the European integration process, etc. The topic of her PhD thesis is «The evaluation of the implementation of corporate social responsibility at the industrial enterprises».

Tetiana Gorokhova researches problems of corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, social investments, features of economic systems functioning in conflict regions. “I think, these categories are very important and actual in the context of globalization and the environment variability. I believe that scientists and students are first people of society, who contribute to the European orientation of the Ukrainian society” – says Tetiana.

Also, Tetiana Gorokhova is a curator of the project “Teaching courses in English.” that helps to adopt Ukrainian students to integration into the world community and enhances their linguistic and professional skills. She is a tutor at the project “Step into the Future”. This project is focused on solution difficulties that young people are faced at their first job at enterprises. She is the head of the project “Your Choice” at the department of Marketing and business administration. The objective of a project is career guidance work with school graduating pupils.