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Professor Sharma is an academician with more than two decades of teaching experience and some entrepreneurial streaks in between. He is deeply connected to Ukraine by virtue of his family – his wife and two daughters are Ukrainians, and through his own personal experiences of knowing and understanding the wonderful, rich yet tumultuous historical and socio-cultural magnificence of Ukraine.

He had his MBA from Central University of Aligarh, India in 1992 and later on strengthened his credentials by acquiring Master of International Business post-graduate qualification from Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. In 2008 he obtained his doctorate in Economics from MAUP – Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, a leading private university of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Sunil had the fortune to participate in both the revolutions – ‘The Orange Revolution’ of 2004 and ‘The Revolution of Dignity and Freedom’ 2013-14, which led him to gain memorable and unforgettable insights, perception and appreciation of basic humane qualities and patriotism of Ukrainians and from there his resolve to spread and circulate good words about Ukraine, its people, history, culture, folklore, language, which he does by his writings on socio-cultural and political aspects of contemporary Ukraine.

Sunil Sharma is multi-lingual with full command of Ukrainian – in all aspects, reading, writing and speaking. Hindi is his mother tongue, English the language of instruction and communication and Russian to understand the false propaganda of Vladimir Putin and fake news and smear campaigns disseminated by The Kremlin.