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Nick Yatsenko is a Master Mariner (Ships Captain) who works with CSL Australia to assist in Australian coastal trade of domestic bulk commodities. He has 15 years of international shipping experience and currently completing his MBA degree.

Various companies have exposed him to a vast variety of people with various age, nationalities, language, religion and culture. Despite all the difference, the most important single thing which transforms the employees in the efficient team is a good leadership. Even in the modern technologically advanced world the statement “A fish rots from the head down.” hasn’t lost its wisdom. That’s why Nick has never stopped to improve his leadership, develop the new management strategies and expose himself to new challenges.

Nick believes the globalization created a highly competitive business environment but at the same time, it provides endless opportunities for firms and the employees. To thrive in the world of rapid information exchange, the organizations, as well as the individuals, have to be ready for the everlasting pressure and be determined for a constant change and improvements. This is his passion, always looking for the alternatives to make things better and more efficient.