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Nazar M. Polishuk is a distinguished information analyst and regional leader. He is currently the Head and the Founder of the Information & Analytics Centre “Info-light”. In 2016 he was appointed as the Head of State Tariff Commission under the auspices of Rivne’s City Council.

Nazar graduated from the National University of Water Management & Natural Resources (Ukraine, Rivne), with the summa cum laude degree. He specializes in geographical information systems and technologies. Nazar has a proven track record of engagement within the community. Some of his previous positions are as follow: Project Manager of the “All-Ukrainian Network of Student Communities”; Vice-Head of the National University of Water Management & Natural Resources’ Student Trade Union; a member of the public council attached to the Rivne Regional Administration; a member of the Reform Office in the Rivne region; and Deputy of the Rivne City Council.

Nazariy is also an active charity campaigner. In 2014 he launched the mission to provide aid to Ukrainian volunteer battalions Tornado and Aidar. In 2016, he co-organized the humanitarian mission to the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, joining the efforts with the Rivne diocese of Ukrainian Orthodox Church.