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Natalia Dziadyk is enrolled in Master degree in World Politics and International Relations at the University of Pavia, Italy. She holds Master degree with Honours in International Information of Lviv Polytechnic National University as well as Bachelor degree with Honours in International Information of Ternopil National Economic University. Studied international relations as an exchange student at the Cracow University of Economics as well as Europeanisation as an Erasmus student at the University of Vienna. Natalia completed a training course for young leaders “Higher School of Politics” provided by the Center for Political Studies and Analysis (CPSA) and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, School of Polish and European Law at Ternopil National Economic University in partnership with Jagiellonian University.

She has interned at the NGO-Think Tank “European Dialogue” (Lviv) in the field of international technical assistance and cross-border cooperation. She also is an active member of local NGOs as well as European Students for Liberty and the European Youth Parliament – Ukraine.

As an exchange student at the University of Sydney, she is attending classes on migration governance and working on the master’s thesis on ethics of immigration. Her research interests lie in both ethical justification and empirical rationale on the issue of temporary migrants’ political rights.