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Dr Michelle Veljan is our editor-in-chief for UDI web-platform. Michelle is a field scholar of social suffering and postwar transitioning societies. Her disciplinary background draws from political sociology, political anthropology, and criminology in her wider focus on life as ‘a politics of survival.’ She actively consults, lectures and teaches topics covering human rights discourse, reconciliation, social suffering, postwar societies, neoliberalism and citizenship, civil conflict, international humanitarian law and aid, mass displacement and refugeehood, sexual violence in armed conflict, transitional justice, NGOs, social movements and social protest. Her research and writings have explored reconciliation initiatives, and local struggles for citizenship in postwar Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia, where she has actively engaged with local NGOs and practitioners, and developed expert networks for past 13 years.

Specifically, her interests lie with the lived realities of the people who experience large-scale reform processes and recalcitrant regimes. She has a multi-sector background, working with universities, state and federal government agencies. In the academic sector, Michelle has lectured and taught for eight years with the School of Sociology and Social Policy (University of Sydney, Australia), casual lecturing and teaching with the University of New South Wales, guest lecturing for Inter University Centre of Dubrovnik (Croatia), and the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation-University of Belgrade. In the state and federal government arena, Michelle has worked in policy formation, justice reform, human services and community development for vulnerable persons, as well as producing reporting briefs on Australian economic and population surveys.