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Klavdia is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. She is a member of the University’s Chair of Ukrainian Studies and a recipient of the Kule Doctoral Fellowship. In 2006 Klavdia competed her undergraduate degree in Foreign Affairs at Kazan Federal University. While living in the Russia Federation she become actively engaged in local Ukrainian diaspora movement and this experience become important benchmark for developing her current academic passion- studying of the phenomenon of diaspora. In 2011 Klavdia was an intern to the Ukraine-Canada Parliamentary Program. In 2014 she has completed her M.A. in history at the University of Manitoba. Klavdia’s research interests lie primarily in comparative politics, precisely the area of diaspora/migration studies, Canadian politics, Russian/Ukrainian politics. In recent years, she has been working at her dissertation project, tentatively titled: “Still wedded to the cause?: the Ukrainian diaspora’s lobbying toward Ukraine and Canada’s Ukrainian policies since 1991”, that studies the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada and primarily it’s unique political activism. Since 2013 she is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Ukrainian studies and trying gets actively engaged with this academic community. For many years Klavdia has been doing counseling and research for outside and inside academia for a number of projects.