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Dmytro is Head of the Board at the Center for International Law and Justice. In 2010 Dmytro graduated from National University “Odessa Law Academy”. In 2014 defended PhD thesis, titled “International Law Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict”. His teaching career started in 2010 at International Humanitarian University (Odessa). Since 2011 occupies position at National University “Odessa Law Academy” at the department of international law and international relations. Lectured at the Kyrgyz State University. Conducted research “Restitution of Cultural Property: International Law Regulation and National Experience” at Jagiellonian University (Krakow). Since 2015 Dmytro is the member of Ministry of Justice Expert Committee on International Humanitarian Law Implementation. Participated in the preparation of expert’s reports on cultural property protection issues for the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union monitoring mission in Donbass and on the problem of cultural property protection in the event of armed conflict for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Dmytro Koval is an author of a number of publications on theory of international law, sociology of international law and international humanitarian law:
  • Koval, D. (2014). Hans Kelsen International Law Ideas and Contemporary Political and Legal Processes in Ukraine. Ukrainian Herald of International Law, 1-2, 68-71.
  • Koval, D. (2014). R2P and the External Security Policy of the EU. European Political and Legal Discourse, 5, 15-27.
  • Koval, D., Korotkyi, T. (2014) Information Warfare and the Reaction of the World Community on Ukrainian Crisis. Ukrainian Journalist, 11, 38-41.
  • Koval, D. (2014). The Concept of Protective Intervention: An Effective International Law Instrument or a Fiction. Central and Eastern European Legal Studies, 1, 7-51.
  • Koval, D. (2013). International Law Analysis of the Concept Definition of Cultural Property. Law of Ukraine, 1-2, 435-442.
  • Koval, D. (2012). Internationalism and Nationalism in the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. International Humanitarian Law: Problems and Perspectives of Development, 1, 139-149