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Daria Zhydkova is a coordinator of the training program for social security sector employees at the Ministry of Social Policy. The training program provides necessary explanations and advice regarding the legislation on IDPs in Ukraine.

Daria obtained her Master`s degree from the joint program in Human Rights and Democratization at Yerevan State University (Armenia) and Tbilisi State University (Georgia) and also has a degree from Kyiv National University (Ukraine). Daria’s studies focused on minority rights in post-Soviet states, with her Master`s thesis dedicated to analysis of national legislation towards the Russian ethnic minority in Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine. Her background includes printed media (Ukrainian and German), Ukrainian television, and work in the non-government sector. After graduation, Daria was involved with Canadian charities, and has been managing several projects since then. These projects targeted internally displaced persons (IDPs), state servants, and also medical and educational institutions in the areas close to the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.